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Why ACLVB/CGSLB has refused to sign it

First and foremost, it concerns a total of 4 collective labor agreements. The management demanded the validation of all collective labor agreements or none at all. 1 in everything and all in 1. It could easily be the title for a new musketeers film.

The moment one party was willing to sign, ING moved up a gear. All agenda appointments were suddenly thrown overboard.

The works council was brought forward and coincidentally placed on the same day that ACLVB-CGSLB held its deliberation (26/09) on the 4 collective labor agreements to validate them. And this without prior unanimous agreement from all members of the Works Council. However, a legal obligation! SETCa/BBTK still have to decide on Friday (but they are no longer allowed to sign).

ING was in such a hurry that a signature moment was also scheduled early, even before the weekend! To be sure that a party would validate.

ING has therefore clearly chosen to continue working with 1 trade union partner. Of which deed.

Consequences of this decision by ING :

One of the elements was a solution to a dispute about Medexel that is currently pending before the FPS conciliation committee for a previous collective labor agreement that was not complied with by ING and for which ING had to find a solution to find.

Due to ING's decision to continue with 1 partner, the indexation of the co-exel contributions (ING part) provided for in the new collective labor agreement will not continue. The file must be returned to the conciliation committee.

The meal vouchers will also not be available on January 1, 2024! Bet?

No problem, you will receive a partial refund of what was taken from you in 2021 by to implement it in another tax advantage, namely that of teleworking (=Plan B).

This is only a partial refund of what was phased out in 2021 (halving the Telework Allowance).

Did you negotiate well? We don't think so.

Pay attention to the 2 rulings in question! These have not yet been approved!(= risk)

Note if you have a representation allowance!: this could be revised downwards when submitting an application to the tax authorities ifplan B provided for in this new collective labor agreement will have to be activated (see above) to replace the meal vouchers that will not be available are!

It's not fiction, this has already happened in other companies!

We also stated that it is difficult to negotiate if you don't know what you are talking about. The request for figures on the intended redundancies or the departments in scope were invariably refused. The financial picture about the intended savings that ING wants to achieve realize was not delivered to us. ING just wanted a blank check and now has it in hand! The bank that attaches great importance to "Social Responsibility" is once again moving part of its back office activities to the Philippines. A country where little account is taken of human rights, let alone social rights.

ING employees have had to apply for their own jobs again and again for 13 years now. Many already several times. As a result, absenteeism rates are historically high. Partly due to the increasing workload and inhumane objectives that are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve.

Burn-Out is the new normal at ING. Departments where “the health problem is not solved moved to HUBs. 2 birds with one stone.

The ink on the freshly signed collective labor agreement is not yet dry and ING already announced in the OR of 26/09 indicates that hundreds of people in 8 departments will be given the opportunity to apply for a voluntary departure without there being a reorganization. This is not in accordance with the agreements made during the negotiations and also not in accordance with the new collective labor agreement.

The department must be subject to a restructuring with announcement in the Works Council and an FTE Reduction.

In 6 of these departments, these 2 conditions are not fully met and therefore The collective labor agreement has been freely interpreted by ING from day 1.

This proposal has hit the various services involved like a bombshell. We have warned the employer about the psychological impact on people with all the consequences that entails.

However, the people who put themselves forward have no certainty that their “candidacy” will be answered. They are therefore in danger of being blacklisted!!

This brings us to the next problem and that is that the 2nd chance procedure was revised downwards twice this year in a span of 3 months. This must be a new Belgian record! From 9 to 6 months and now 3 months.

689 people have received a “need to improve” and are eligible for “a remediation process” that you can safely call an exit process .

Small detail: people in this process cannot claim the modalities of the new collective labor agreement even if the department undergoes a reorganization.

So everyone better be ready for the musical musical chairs to the music of Chopin's funeral march.


  • Despite the many press reports about the early departure, not everyone will be able to enjoy this. You have to be part of a reorganization.

  • The additional subsidy of EUR 1 is only applied to the daily special, the vegetarian dish and the soup of the day in the company restaurants in Brussels, Ghent and Louvain-La-Neuve. The proposal provides no guarantee that prices will not increase due to persistent inflation.

  • Seniority bonus will not be in financial form and has yet to be discussed (so it is a non-event!)

  • Cycling allowance (0.27 cents) has already been granted, so a new increase is not expected immediately (so it is a non-event)

  • The increased telework allowance is a partial refund of what was phased out in 2021.

In addition, in the last negotiated increase from €100 flat-rate to €110 (+€10), the already negotiated increased representation allowance was not granted (Ex: 124 to 150 ).

  • Abolition of the exceptional profit premium of 1,500 euros. (collective agreement March 2021). This now makes it clear that it was never the intention to pay these out to the employees. Today the air was removed from the empty box of the 2021 collective labor agreement.

  • In our experience, the proposed purchasing power improvement is only a partial refund of previous surrenders).

  • The medical mismatch has been removed. The collective labor agreement provisions of March 2021 will be phased out 3 months earlier!

  • The packages granted in the Collective Labor Agreement (seniority > 10 years) do not apply to everyone.

Pay attention to the benefits in the Flex Plan. These will be deducted from your termination fee. So some will have nothing left when they leave the bank. Just think of charging station (8 years depreciation), furniture (6 years depreciation), GSM/IT, Flex Bike (speedelecs), possible damage when returning Flex Car, ...

Be careful when choosing early departure in the event of a long career: this can have a financial impact on both your pension and your supplementary pension.

Communication CF WC du 260923 E
Download PDF • 87KB

Do you have any questions? Contact your ACLVB representative or send your email to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB


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