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The painful demise of social consultation at ING

The consensus model of social consultation has not been in place at our employer for some time. The will from Amsterdam is law.

Despite our meeting with the management and the social partners on February 8. in which the management committed itself to a constructive dialogue and respect for social consultation, a witch hunt has begun. For the management, it appears that in practice the saying "Listen to my words, don't look at my deeds" applies. A colleague, union representative allegedly shared sensitive info with the outside world and "ING Belgium has informed the president of the Labor Court of its intention to dismiss for urgent reasons,

Furthermore, there are a lot of layoffs coming up in the context of performance management for people with a "need to improve." It has long been an open secret that with route 24 there will be additional rounds of cuts and this with great impact on staff.

Or have we said too much?

The calibration of the so-called new evaluation system has met with a lot of resistance and the upcoming restructuring plans do not bode well.

The social unrest is growing among our personnel and the momentum has gradually built up for (strike) action.

To be continued !


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