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Request for our opinion concerning the launch of 21 Business Hubs and 6 accompanying offices in 2021

We were asked for our opinion with regard to the roll-out of an optimised distribution model for SEM & SME customers through the creation of 21 Business Hubs and 6 accompanying offices at the Works Council meeting that was held on 18 February 2021.

This model is intended to promote cooperation and the sharing of knowledge as well as the work load (allocation of tasks) by facilitating the physical presence of a team.

Additionally, this should all be realised thanks to the provision of tools such as Video Banking and Remote Advice. Big steps have also been taken towards the full-scale improvement of the digitisation aspect through the digital adoption of the Self-Service Corner, which will make it easier for customers to sign documents and manage their beneficiaries and mandates online.

This model should promote a better customer experience by establishing these offices in the vicinity of the customers, which will make it easier to facilitate face-to-face contact with an adviser or expert.

Additionally, the model should contribute to enhancing employee flexibility in terms of the performance of their tasks, while offering them more support as well as possibilities in terms of coaching, with more room for cooperation.

The Liberal Trade Union (ACLVB/CGSLB) can issue a a positive recommendation provided that:

· The employees are assigned a Business Hub at the location where they are currently working.

· The employees are able to achieve a satisfactory balance in terms of working method between their presence at the Business Hub and working from home.

· We propose that employees who nevertheless experience a significant impact with regard to commuting to and from work will be granted an unlimited fuel card to mitigate the financial consequences of this relocation.

· The tools provided, such as Video Banking and/or Remote Advice & Sales, as well as One App and One Web, must work optimally in order to support this model, no time should be wasted on IT incidents and the processes must run smoothly.

You probably still have questions and we would also like to hear your opinion... :

You can send your comments to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB

Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues.

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