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Collective Labor Agreement 2023

Today, all representatives of the ACLVB/CGSLB met at ING to express their point of view on the new collective labor agreement. It is a shame that a certain faction already signed this collective labor agreement last Friday without consulting the other social partners.

What do you say ?

We thank you in advance for giving your massive opinion on this collective agreement (see Blue Flash 09/2023)

We took your choices into account before expressing our opinion.

Here are some of the arguments received:

There is no transparency on the number of employees who must leave, ...
Management must be able to provide figures, no one will sign a blank document.
Management must first be able to provide certain guarantees for the coming period...
The removal of the additional profit bonus of 1,500 euros is very cowardly, especially now that the bank is heading towards very large profits... < /span>

What do we say ?

Today's verdict was clear !

You and our representatives clearly say no to further staff reductions and further cost reductions.

What was not highlighted by the signatories of the new collective labor agreement and why the ACLVB did not sign.

  1. CAO Business Evolutions : From our point of view, this is a social reorganization plan. We cannot approve of the fact that ING refuses to give us concrete figures on the number of employees, departments or final targets to be achieved. The heavy workload of existing staff will only increase with further downsizing. We are also not informed about the financial impact on the company, something that we as a union also need to monitor for the future of the company. Accepting this would give ING the opportunity to circumvent the Renault law. They ask us to sign a blank check over which they have control and with little room for adjustment or negotiation afterwards.

  2. In addition, employees of a concerned department can opt for an “Accepted Departure” where they leave by mutual agreement and by paying their legal notice. An additional bonus is only paid after 10 years of service. For example, a person who benefits from 4 months' notice and who has not found a new job during this period runs the risk of subsequently being suspended from unemployment benefits by the ONEM. Because despite our question, we have not received a response to the decision requested from ONEM not to impose sanctions. A sanction procedure can take up to 52 weeks! In addition, we also have to take into account some deductions that still need to be deducted from the cancellation costs, such as charging station, IT, Flex bike, damage to the Flex car,...

  3. Certain advantages are highlighted in other collective labor agreements. Again, when we do the bill, it doesn't turn out as positive. The €1,500 profit bonus will be removed (just after the announcement of very likely high profits from 2024) to instead increase the structural homework allowance and other benefits for which no certainty can be given or which still depend on negotiations with the signatory parties or discussions at sectoral level. The proposed improvement in purchasing power rather constitutes a partial reimbursement of what was gradually eliminated in 2021 (see Teleworking allowance), the current tax ceiling still not being reached.

A works council is planned for 09/26. A number of minor changes will already be announced here. We will keep you informed later.


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