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Blue Flash O9/2023

CLA 2023 -2025 ... What awaits us?

These were certainly not easy negotiations, but in the end there is a final proposal. Take it or leave it a proposal. There is no more room for discussion or negotiations and a decision must be made soon." Before the verdict is reached, it is our duty to inform you as best we can.

The final collective labor agreement is divided into 4 Collective Labor Agreements:

1. Business Evolutions

2. Miscellaneous provisions

3. Purchasing power premium

4. Non-recurring results-related benefits

I Business Evolutions

Since the current collective labor agreement will expire on December 31, 2023*, negotiations have been conducted with the employee representatives in order to create a framework of evolutions and guidance measures.However, it is written in the stars that transformations will happen in the near future. ING consciously avoids the term "restructuring" and prefers to speak of "evolutions", but we should certainly not underestimate the impact on the staff. An impact for which we do not yet have clear figures on the number of staff reductions. We have therefore tried, together with the social partners, to limit the damage as much as possible and to provide additional guidance measures. To be clear, we have not signed yet.*The 2021 collective labor agreement that ACLVB had not signed (read also " the oldest magic trick is that of distraction and the illusion)

Accepted departure

The accepted departure results in an employee being employed in a department that is the subject of an announcement in the Works Council for which an evolution has been announced (which entails a reduction in the number of full-time equivalents). possibility to leave the Bank in consultation with the Bank within a relatively short period and taking into account the conventional compensation as provided for in this Collective Labor Agreement.The request for an accepted departure will be granted provided that the employee's departure does not endanger the continuity of the department's activities. The Parties agree that if the number of requests for accepted departures does not exceed the intended reduction and the number of accepted departures does not therefore endanger the continuity of activities, the Bank will not refuse the submitted requests. If the number of requests exceeds the intended reduction, the Bank confirms that it will make a well-considered choice based on objective criteria[.If the request for accepted departure is approved, the employment contract of the employee concerned will be terminated by mutual agreement subject to payment of compensation corresponding to the same departure package as in a placement process, namely the legal termination compensation and the gross seniority premium.

Early departure in case of a long career

Applies to employees who are employed in a department in which future developments have been announced in the Works Council and who, at the time of the application for early departure in the event of a long career, meet the requirements the following conditions:· being part of an announced transformation and at the end of the year in which the evolution was announced maximum 4 years removed from the earliest possible retirement date ( My pension) ;· at least 10 years of seniority are employed by the Bank and/or an entity that is part of ING Group;· receive a salary or a supplement to a social benefit granted at the expense of the Bank or an entity that is part of ING Group.

We also specify that early departure in the event of a long career is also possible in the event of the announcement of a project without reducing the number of full-time equivalents, but with consequences for the place of employment and/or the position.

Early departure in the event of a long career entitles the employee who meets the above conditions to a complete suspension of work until the 1st day of the month following the date on which he is entitled to his statutory early pension, after which the employment contract will be terminated by mutual agreement. Not withstanding the previous paragraph, the conventional suspension of performance is guaranteed for a period of three years (duration of the collective labor agreement).In practice, this means that an employee who meets the conditions, but whose legally early retirement date falls before the end of the guaranteed period of 3 years, until the end of the guaranteed period can continue to make use of the early departure scheme for a period of 3 years in the event of a long career, without being able to exceed the statutory retirement date.

During the period of full conventional suspension of performance, the employee will receive a monthly compensation determined on the basis of the following:last fixed gross monthly salary that the employee received before the start of the conventional suspension of performance:

· 50% of the last fixed gross monthly salary if the employee between 10 and less than 25 years of seniority has at the time the suspension commences;

· 60% of the last fixed gross monthly salary if the employee is between 25 and less than 30 years of seniority has at the time the suspension commences;

· 70% of the last fixed gross monthly salaryif the employeemore than 30 years of seniority has at the time the suspension commences.

This compensation is determined at the time the suspension commences. This amount cannot be changed until the effective termination of the employment contract. During the period of the full conventional suspension of performance, the employee may, in accordance with the applicable policy of the Bank, pursue another professional activity with the prior consent of the Bank. The period of complete conventional suspension of benefits will be equated with employment benefits for all supplementary pension plans within the Bank, with the exception of the plans managed by the OFP Supplementary Plans of ING Belgium.

Installation process

During the course of a project, positions may be created, modified, deleted and/or reduced in number, the place of employment may be changed and/or schedules may change. span>To ensure that the right employee is assigned the most adequate position, the Bank proposes to implement a placement process that adheres to the following principles:· the process is voluntary. It is up to the employee to choose from the available positions within his own department· the candidate most suitable for the position will be chosen by the manager based on objective criteria.In the event that the announced evolution only involves a reduction in FTEs without other changes, and that the intended reduction is achieved through other guidance measures, the placement process will not take place and the affected employees are informed of this.After announcement in the Works Council, the procedure regarding the placement process has already been determined.

Limited duration to offer employees certainty about their future as quickly as possible Statutory severance pay (without deduction of 4 weeks of outplacement) and seniority bonus.

Intensive guidance from one job to another (including Inplacement + Outplacement)

No medical mismatches more

Mismatch only possible when placed in a position that is not equivalent

II Miscellaneous provisions

Bicycle allowance : that is granted for the journey to and from work (also awarded when using an electric bicycle or speed pedelec) to the maximum exempt amount and they undertake in the event of future adjustment of the tax ceiling and social security ceiling and automatically adjust this amount to this new ceiling (Currently € 0.27)

Meal vouchers : From January 1, 2024, the contribution to the meal vouchers will be determined as follows :· employer contribution, which currently corresponds to EUR 6.91, will be increased to EUR 7.78· employee contribution, which currently corresponds to EUR 1.09, will be increased to EUR 1.22. Consequently, from that date, the nominal value of each meal voucher will be EUR 9 amounts.

Teleworking allowance : From 1 January 2024, the daily telework allowance of EUR 7.50, capped at EUR 85 per month, will be abolished and replaced by a telework allowance consisting of a fixed lump sum amount of EUR 110 per month for a full-time employee. This amount is prorated based on the working hours of the employee concerned.

Medexel : From January 1, 2024, indexation will be calculated on employer-paid contribution will be borne by the latter. To the extent necessary, it is specified that the indexation calculated on the contribution paid by the employee remains at the expense of the latter.

Company restaurant : From January 1, 2024, an additional subsidy of EUR 1 will be applied to the daily special, the vegetarian daily special and the soup of the day in the company restaurants in the main buildings in Brussels, Louvain-La-Neuve and Ghent. ). The proposal does not provide any guarantee that prices will not increase due to persistent inflation.

Credit time and supplementary pension : applicable to all employees associated with the Bank due to an employment contract for an indefinite period and which reduce their work performance in the context for older workers. in application of collective labor agreement no. 103and this in the period from March 1, 2021 to February 29, 2028.The Bank undertakes to provide assistance to employees who reduce their work performance by up to 80% or 50% in the context of Collective Labor Agreement No. 103, the amount of employer contributions in the supplementary pension plans during the entire period,to be determined on the basis of the employment regime that applied immediately prior to the reduction in working hours in application of CLA No. 103, according to the following conditions: the assimilation will only take place at the earliest on the first day of the month following the month in which the employee reaches the age of has reached 55 years.

To employees who are linked to the Bank by an employment contract for an indefinite period who are 60 years or older and who reduce their work performance to a part-time job in the context of a runway for older workers in application of the CLA No. 103 and whose modalities commence in the period running from March 1, 2021 to February 29, 2028, a monthly allowance of 200 EUR gross will be granted.

4-day week : The Bank undertakes to investigate the possibility of to introduce measures regarding the flexibility of labor organization, such as the 4-day week or a varying regime in the sectoral collective labor agreement of July 3, 2023 for the period 2023-2024. Seniority premium : The Bank undertakes to investigate the possibilities of increasing seniority to reward employees in a way other than by awarding a bonus. The Bank undertakes to discuss this point with the signatories to this collective labor agreement before March 31, 2024.

VOSSCO : The Bank undertakes to do so no later than December 31, 2023 within the Board of Directors of VOSCCO vzw to come up with concrete proposals, developed in consultation with the Employee Organizations, with the aim of modernizing the current offering and operation and adapting it to today's trends.

Procedure Performance & Consequence Management : The procedure for Performance & Consequence Management must be revised, with a special emphasis on qualitative support from the start of an (under)performance process. Employees who would be the subject of an (under)performance process (including the last chance procedure) should not be surprised if this message is given by management. · To the extent that the Bank makes sufficient resources available to improve quality support and the supervision of its practical implementation is effective, the Parties agree to, from Mid-Year evaluation of 2024 the negative perception of a last chance of 6 months to evolve into a 3-month Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). The idea is that a PIP must necessarily follow a sufficiently long period of coaching and training (to be determined), after an initial formal feedback moment of (under)performance.· In the aftermath of this collective labor agreement, a working group will be established with the aim of determining the modalities. The Bank confirms that employee organizations play an important role in the context of a performance process. Only joint conclusions and agreement between the Parties will lead to the effective implementation of this article. The Parties intend to finalize the conclusions of this working group by the 2024 Mid-Year Evaluation at the latest, with the aim of entering into force as of the 2024 Mid-Year Evaluation.· In the meantime, the Parties agree that the 2004 collective labor agreement (in which the last chance procedure is laid down) will remain applicable until the expected date of entry into force of any collective labor agreement. which replaces it.

III One-off grant of a purchasing power premium in the form of a consumption voucher in electronic form

In the context of the Royal Decree of April 23, 2023 on the purchasing power premium (BS April 28, 2023) and to the extent that the Bank has achieved good results during the crisis, we have the option to exceptionally and once-only receive a purchasing power premium of a maximum amount of EUR 500.

IV Non-recurring results-related benefits

In order to encourage employees to participate in realizing ING's ambitions and continue to promote their launched sustainability initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint, ING to link the awarding of the collective bonus to the following objectives:

  1. the return on equity of ING Belux calculated according to management accounting;

  2. customer satisfaction, the Net Promoter Score Retail;

  3. a “Sustainability” objective in the context of mobility, in particular a reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions related to professional use of company cars and private cars.

Removal of the possible extra premium of €1,500 for extra high profits.

And what do you think?

The management does not waste any time and wishes that the unions will decide on this collective labor agreement as quickly as possible. However, we do not have an exact figure on the impact on staff during upcoming evolutions. Let us know what you think about this in this short anonymous survey

Do you have any questions? Contact your ACLVB representative or send your email to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB

Banks (PC 310) : Index + 0.5%

The salary increase is 0.5% and will take effect on September 1, 2023.


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