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The management has come up with a new strategy. From now on, we will be going by road instead of by water. We can only hope that the ride will be less bumpy...

For the first time, the board has admitted that the 2016 plan was too ambitious.

With Route24, the management wants a different approach. It is not a social plan like 2016, we are told. Of which we have taken note...

More local management is coming back, and we can only welcome that.

Simplification, digital and simple are paramount. So is customer satisfaction. We ask that attention be paid to the well-being of our employees. More autonomy and self-determination, also when it comes to working from home and organising their working hours. Our employees must get more satisfaction from what they do.

We also ask for more stability for our employees. Too much is trop, and trop is too much.


When it comes to office equipment, it's now clear to everyone that you'll have to do some serious soul-searching to be able to spend your budget fully. (Especially over several periods!)

We would like to point out that you have to take into account 3 parameters, namely: the budget, the fiscal depreciation (3-4-6 years), and the duration of use (up to 10 years!) before you can re-order an item. The employee who leaves the bank early, risks to collect an early repayment.

There are currently delivery problems with the supplier. Some employees received the wrong items, others are still waiting for their delivery. We have been assured that everything will be solved as soon as possible...


We notice some nervousness among the signatory parties as the modalities of the CBAs are not being fulfilled as expected.

It was predicted as there were too many uncertainties. Some agreements were not worked out in sufficient detail.

Our signal in March was clear. Meanwhile, improvements were already being made to the CBA texts. Among other things, a conventional seniority of 20 years was granted to Senior Experts as regards profit-sharing!

We are glad that the management has done its homework again and reached the same decision as we did in March. Our signal has borne fruit after all!


Don't forget to make your choice before 12 November. There is currently a freeze on new leased cars. However, it would still be possible to order a pool car.

ING is looking for a new leasing partner to work with. This would take effect from January 2022.

BANKS (PC 310)


On Thursday 28/10/2021, the trade unions were received by sector federation Febelfin as a result of the rejection of the draft sector agreement 2021-2022. ACLVB-CGSLB explained the elements that are considered insufficient by the trade unions' members.

In the first place, this concerns the purchasing power component (0.4% wage increase and corona premium), where Febelfin does not sufficiently meet the demands of the trade unions. Other elements, such as teleworking and the right to interconnection, still need to be further developed at the sectoral level.

Febelfin commits itself to formulate a response by 18 November 2021. Depending on this answer, ACLVB-CGSLB will further consider what reaction is required.


Good news! As of November 1st, your salary will increase by 0.88 %. This is because the PC 310* in which you work provides for an indexation at sector level. ACLVB-CGSLB is in favour of better working and salary conditions at sector level. Thanks to your membership, you strengthen this voice at the negotiating table.


As simple as "Bonjour".

You must have heard about the big news at ING: Route24.

In the future, everything at ING will be much simpler.

Processes will be simplified, the number of products will be reduced and fees will be standardised.

Everything the customer needs will be done with one click, it will be as easy as "Bonjour".

But let's not kid ourselves...

This simplification requires efficient and relentless organisation.

The simplification of processes and the reduction in the number of products will always lead to a reduction in staff and thus to an increase in the already existing workload and thus to an almost non-existent service to customers.

The customers, who are no longer listened to, flee our branches, which are closed one after the other, with staff weakened by successive restructurings, staff exhausted by an overload of work and not helped at all by efficient IT.

These agencies, which are supposed to be accessible to customers, are no longer accessible or even welcoming.

Let's face it, it is an obstacle course to find help or answers to your questions within the bank.

Is this how we want to keep our customers?

Customers will flee even more when they discover they are just a number.

No more "à la carte" portfolios, no more reduced rates to keep our customers.

And will these reduced products be competitive? How will our sales people convince and

retain our customers?

Is this simplification really a long-term vision for our bank?

What will be the future income of this bank?

Has the bank thought about what our future customers want? These young people-to-be want quality, proximity and they will be willing to pay for a service to their liking.

Is this a deliberate act or is it the desire to offer cheap service with the bad taste of fast food in a world that is so unstable and vulnerable?

Is this ING's way of regaining market share in the financial world?

Is it because ING has renounced its experts with its latest plan that it is changing its tune?

Decisions that are still very disturbing, revealing an obvious malaise. A ship going adrift, abandoned little by little by a number of passengers (customers), abandoned by crew members, by heads of cabins, a room service that is no longer provided ... A captain who has lost his compass or an engine room that is malfunctioning and making us fear the worst, a sad remake of the Titanic, which was thought to be invincible at the time ... ??!

In short, is this not our downfall?


We had already sent you the holiday planner 2022 in July.

Now that 2022 is approaching, you can download it at any time via the links below.

Download PDF • 171KB

Vakantieplanner 2022 ZC
Download PDF • 190KB

Vakantieplanner ACLVB 2022 ING Zone West
Download PDF • 190KB

You may still have questions and we would like to know your opinion.

You can send your comments to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB

Please forward to colleagues.



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