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Blue Flash 07/2022

Negotiations Flexible Reward Plan

Some reactions

Not only the trade unions but also the staff members are very disappointed with the management's proposals.

We have had quite a few reactions after our communication in joint trade union front on 4 July. Here are a few reactions from colleagues that we would like to share with you:

"Unfortunately, I do not see any improvement of the salary package in the demands of the trade unions (except for an increase of 50€ in the non-indexed flex budget, and as far as you can call that a real increase).

Besides, civil servants get a pay increase of 3 to 7%, on top of the index, because "it has been 20 years since they got a raise" (Petra de Sutter).

I have over 30 years of service, and I don't remember any substantial increase in pay scales. Only years of reduction".

"How can you impose electric cars on someone when the infrastructure simply isn't there?

"Whichever way you look at it, a reduction in rebates is still a flat saving on the worker's bottom line"!

"Possibility to deposit the surplus of the flex budget in a group insurance. (by analogy with the system applied to management and senior experts), because today only the ordinary employee's STAR Fund payments can be optimised and these are crumbs compared to group insurance".

"In the past, for all sorts of reasons, I always got extra-barreled pay because they couldn't or wouldn't give me category increases.

So I currently have about 30% of my salary in extra-baremic = cafeteria plan which, in the current inflationary context, makes me lose quite a bit every year.

So I would very much like the opportunity to do the opposite".

"I have a surplus on my flex budget, and I don't want to order an iPad or iPhone if I don't need them. Transfer to baremics"?

Thank you for your many reactions, we received many mails. Unfortunately, we cannot publish them all, but we have taken your complaints on board during the negotiations. We are waiting for further reaction from the management.

National info : The Wage Standard Act

On 29 June, the trade unions went to parliament!

More than 87,000 people signed the three trade unions' petition, so the government had to enter the debate.


The 1996 wage standard act (loonnormwet) ensures that your wage can only increase by 0.4%, even though many companies make considerable profits.

Employees deserve a fair share of the cake!

The law further blocks free wage negotiations at sector and company level.

Wages that stagnate, while all living costs rise? Not with ACLVB/CGSLB!

Purchasing power must increase, and that is only possible with free negotiations!

We continue to sound the alarm and will not let go of this issue.


Good news! As from 1 July 2022, your salary will increase by 0.91%. This is because the PC 310* in which you work provides for an indexation at sector level.

The ACLVB advocates better working and pay conditions at sector level.

Your membership strengthens your voice at the negotiating table.

Discover the new pay scales here ↷.

Download PDF • 62KB

Women's European Football Championship

From 6 July to 30 July 2022, the European Women's Football Championship will take place in England. Because the European Championship for men has been postponed one year to 2021, the women's football take place in 2022.

The Red Flames will play their first match against Iceland on Sunday 10 July.

The list of countries where the national women's team gets the same match premiums is getting longer and longer but unfortunately in Belgium, we are still waiting for that step.

We underline once again our idea of equality: Equal treatment, Equal pay!

You can find the competition calendar here.

22-0295_CE Calendrier femmes_WEB_F
Download PDF • 120KB

22-0295_EK kalender vrouwen_WEB_N (002)
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