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Blue Flash 06/2022

Sport and culture vouchers

This month, you received the sports and culture vouchers (total value € 100).

The vouchers can be used to pay for cultural and sporting activities offered by Sodexo member institutions. They are valid until the end of September 2023.

However, these vouchers (cheques) may not be used for :

  • the purchase of material goods (equipment, clothing, DVD rental) ;

  • holiday camps or membership fees of youth movements ;

  • the purchase of film tickets (with the exception of subsidized theatres).

Coronavirus: extension of the validity period of sports and culture vouchers

If you still have "old" sports and culture vouchers in your pocket, we have good news.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government decided at the end of last year to extend the validity period of sports and culture vouchers of which the expiry date is 30 September 2020 or 30 September 2021, until 30 September 2022.

Payment of double and additional holiday pay in June :

June is the month in which ING calculates and pays the annual holiday pay to all employees. The double holiday allowance was paid on 24/06/2022.

Double holiday allowance for a white-collar worker corresponds to 92% of the gross salary for the month of June of the current year.

There are two separate amounts:

  • the double-rate holiday allowance (85%);

  • a supplementary double-rate holiday allowance (7%).

You can find more information on paid leave on the People Services site

And what if we were to simplify the lives of employees?

(Free vision, own voice, an employee testifies)

Simplifying Route 24 is a great idea, isn't it?

But what if ING also thought about you, the employees who are on the edge of the abyss?

There is too much turnover at ING, which seriously destabilizes teams and exhausts and demotivates employees.

Whether it is the number of external staff who come and go and sometimes come back, or the impressive number of departures.

Is ING aware of the negative impact this can have on staff?

ACLVB/CGSLB would like HR to look closely at the reasons for these departures :

  • What is the impact on the motivation of staff who remain on board?

  • Does ING encourage further recruitment?

  • Is it not still worrying that so much expertise is leaving the company and has been since the last restructuring?

  • Does ING really care about its image?

  • Does ING still want to be a Top Employer?

The inadequate number of FTEs means that employees can no longer keep up: increasing workload, overlapping meetings, changes of tools, constant adaptation to new procedures, changes of role, responsibilities, unrealistic objectives, compulsory training, unrelenting flexibility, unlimited availability, etc. PLs can no longer cope.

We can't take it anymore!

So how do they find the time to train new recruits?

Not only are staff unable to find time because they are drowning in work, and even if they try to swim and keep their heads above water, they do not even have the desire or the energy to invest more because they already know in advance and from experience that most of the new recruits will not stay.

The staff live in a sense of uncertainty, instability, this terrible feeling that we will never get out of this, that we are not producing anything good.

We all walk around with our heads in the sand, like headless chickens, and everyone knows that this way of working is neither efficient nor bearable, and even less sustainable.

This loss of self-confidence and demotivation paints a picture of poor professionalism. Who would be proud to work in such a mess?

This is why many people are fleeing ING!

Management tells us that there is no budget for more FTE, that it is not the solution, so be it! But constantly training new people, only to lose the expertise, is also a huge cost!

Let ING at least do everything possible to keep the FTEs it has available and keep its expertise in house!

Let ING at least deign to listen to you!

And it is not with its new Flexible Reward Plan that it is trying to get you to accept it!

In the meantime, we are still suffering and so others will follow, others will flee ING.

Right to disconnect!

The holiday season is just around the corner. Is your need for a holiday stronger than ever? If so, that is quite normal, it has been a difficult period. Not only did we see the line between work and private life in our home office turn into a dotted line, but the corona crisis brought worries and stress with it.

Did you know that those who take annual holidays are up to a third less likely to suffer from burn-out, depression or cardiovascular disease? Your brain needs time to rest. So taking time off is not only fun, but also necessary: and it is only really a holiday when you can completely 'de-connect'.

The ACLVB/CGSLB team wishes you a wonderful holiday!

After months of hard work, we hope you take a deserved break in summer.

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