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Blue Flash 01/2023

Dear Colleague,

We are facing another new year. 2023 has begun

Wishing each other good health is more than a cliché. We think about the future. A new year full of challenges, new opportunities.

We think about what was good, but also what could have been better in the past year.

There is currently a lot of uncertainty and dissatisfaction among the staff. Customers no longer put ING first. The press recently confirmed by means of a survey that ING is among the worst in the class.

The buck is being passed on to the staff with a very peculiar way of evaluating, to say the least.

We say clearly to management: "YOU NEED TO IMPROVE".

Give your staff the tools to do their day jobs in a decent way. Put the customer first and respond to your customer's real needs.

Give more attention to the commercial clout of your Sales and have more focus on generating business opportunities rather than cutting costs. Digitalising is not the same as sanitising.

The management already announced that there are important files waiting this year, but don't show the back of their tongues! So we are wary.

As always, we will continue to defend your interests in this new year ! Individually and collectively.

Along with the New Year, we come with good intentions, with good intentions and focus on the positive.

As always, you can count on our representatives. If you have any questions - contact us.

Our best wishes for 2023!


Evaluationgate ?

We received a huge number of complaints from colleagues regarding their evaluations.

Quite a few colleagues received bad evaluations haphazardly and unexpectedly.

We raised these abuses with the management several times.

It cannot be that employees are evaluated according to predetermined quotas (% need to improve,% good, % excellent) that may be distributed in teams.

This way, such evaluation loses all credibility and undermines the motivational character.

Employees expect to be evaluated objectively and according to value. An evaluation should be done properly according to the Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Timebound method.

It should also take into account certain circumstances/conditions over which the employee has little or no control (understaffing, insufficient training, technical constraints (IT),....).

Know that you can be assisted by a trade union representative at any stage of the evaluation procedure. More info can be found on our performance management web page

Dissatisfaction with the 2022 objectives and evaluations, suggestions, comments for 2023, fear of appealing, of not signing... Tell us!

To best defend yourself, it is important that you keep us informed!

Let us know => full discretion assured.

Index salary January 2023

Good news! From 1 January 2023, your baremic salary will increase by 1.87%.

This is because there is indexation at sector level in the PC 310* in which you work. ACLVB/CGSLB is pushing for better working and wage conditions at sector level. Thanks to your membership you strengthen this voice at the negotiating table.

Indexation 2022

January 2022

1,30 %


2,35 %

May 2022

1,68 %

​July 2022

0,91 %

September 2022

1,54 %

November 2022

2,33 %

Total 2022

10,11 %

Indexation 2023

Jan 2023


Discover the new scales here ↷

How to prevent health problems in screen work?

Preventing health complaints when working at a computer screen?

You can do so using the following guidelines and tips in this leaflet.

Soon no sick note needed for 1 day absence

From now on, as an employee, you will no longer have to submit a medical certificate (sick note) for one day of absence due to incapacity for work. You will be able to do so a maximum of three times per calendar year.

A new addition to the Employment Contracts Act of 3 July 1978 stipulates that, as an employee, you are not required to submit a medical certificate for the first day of incapacity for work three times per calendar year.

This exemption applies both to a one-day incapacity for work and to the first day of a longer period of incapacity for work. After all, you do not always know in advance how long you will be sick. Therefore, if you determine after one day of incapacity for work that your health problem will last longer, you can also take advantage of this measure. This is to avoid having to have your incapacity determined retroactively. In that case, you must submit a sick note from the second day of work disability.

However, you must still inform your employer of your work disability immediately and on time.

If you want to make use of the new exemption, you should immediately inform your employer of the address where you are staying during your first day of work disability, unless it is your usual home address that is known to your employer. This way, a medical check remains possible.

By the way, you are not obliged to make use of the exemption, you can still choose to submit a sick note from the first day of incapacity for work.

Renewed ACLVB@ING website

We are happy to introduce our revamped site to you as of today.

We are not professional web designers but we are proud of the result.

It is essential for us to inform you as well and as quickly as possible about the ins and outs of the bank.

To serve you best, it is more than opportune that there is a good interaction between the staff and our union.

Your info, suggestions and comments are therefore more than welcome.

Contact your ACLVB representative or send an email to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB.

Everything will of course be treated confidentially.

Know that you can always consult the latest information on our Yammer group ACLVB-CGSLB !

Not yet a member of ACLVB?

For just a small contribution, you are smartly insured and enjoy ample professional service throughout all stages of your career.

Just pop in or give us a call. You can find our contact details here

Convince your colleagues, family members and friends of the many benefits of ACLVB membership. With the more members we are, the more powerful we can make our voice heard and the more workers we can truly deliver solidarity for.

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