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The union of representatives facing the employer, A request from colleagues, a moral demand

While the social elections are a moment when each organisation will present its specificities to you at your choice, we are keen to bring you a common message from our three organisations: all your representatives have a duty to work hand in hand in the common interest of colleagues to have more weight and credibility.


Unfortunately, you have seen that social consultation at ING Belgium is not ideal and the responsibility for this lies with both parties: the employer and the workers’ representatives.  By voting, you can influence the dynamics of your representatives by choosing from the different lists.


Our three groups have worked together for the past four years, respecting their differences and their electoral representativeness. If we accept the idea of disagreeing, these potential disagreements are discussed among ourselves and not before the employer or publicly. If voting for us will be the natural message of every organisation in the campaign, our three organisations have a second message: Vote for one of the three partners in this message because we can testify that they have shown the willingness over the last 4 years to work together for the benefit of the staff.


The CGSLB/ACLVB, SETCA/BBTK & CNCK wish each other much success for these Social Elections 2024.


The SETCA/BBTK (3), the CNCK (4) and the CGSLB/ACLVB (1) will endeavour to work together in a way that respects differences and is in the interests of all colleagues.


it is important to choose one of our 3 organisations that have endorsed this message with the goal of having united employee representatives in the interest of all colleagues


A word to the wise …


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