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Route 24 (CE 17/02/22)

Route 2024 : DBPI (Daily Banking Private & individuals) & Risk

At the Works Council meeting on 17 February 2022, management announced its intentions for the Route 2024 plan concerning DBPI and CRO (Risk).

For DBPI, which affects 300 people, our three fractions will contact you to submit a joint opinion.

Do not hesitate to react directly to us.

When analyzing the 4 axes mentioned in our communication of 17/01/22, here is what it looks like objectively:

1. The psychosocial burden and the impact on our colleagues


Before going into more detail in our analysis, it is important to recall that an (external) survey of the psychosocial burden in 2021 had highlighted that the Circle DBPI was the most suffering department within ING due to chronic understaffing, an inhuman workload, poor work organization, lack of training, non-performing tools, etc. They had to (and must) deal with aggressive customers who do not feel helped by ING.

In the last few months there has been a (small) improvement in the daily life of our colleagues.

As a thank you for the years of hardship, the bank has announced a drastic revision of the work organization within DBPI (to win back the hearts of colleagues) which will impact 293 people, 200 of whom will have to go through the Job2Job process and will have to choose a job again for the rest of their career within ING.

Needless to say, the United Front is of the opinion that this new announcement and the dose of uncertainty it brings along, will not have a positive impact on the psychosocial load of the 293 colleagues affected by this announcement ... quite the opposite!

Risk :

Our CRO presented us with its Route 24 strategy: automation/digitalization, simplification,...

While we recognize that this can certainly contribute to making the teams more efficient and welcome any initiative aimed at the Well Be of employees, we nevertheless underline the structural lack of resources in the various lines of defense while risk management is taking on more and more importance within the bank, with an increasing number of controls.

In our opinion, this cannot be resolved by the deliverables of the various initiatives, as it has been confirmed to us that there are no plans to strengthen the teams of the 2nd line of defense, except in the context of simplification projects, as is already the case in the Credit Risk department, which is supported by external staff.

2. Impacts on the bank's income


The impact of an additional reorganization, with increased turnover (it has been proven that for purely "call/chat" jobs, turnover increases exponentially) and a risk of loss of knowledge about the quality of service may not improve our customer attractiveness in the short term.

Risk :

The bank's risk appetite will remain unchanged. This has a direct impact on the business and customers, who often complain about cumbersome processes where ING is more demanding than its competitors. Unfortunately, the response will only be process improvements rather than the removal of certain controls, as additional efforts are expected to meet the ever increasing demands of the regulators.

3. A clear and comprehensive (quantified) view of the Route 2024 Plan


A quantified view was not provided. For the United Front this announcement (split between call/chat and operational) is potentially only a first step that will make it easier to outsource each part later on. This is not easily done in the current organization. For this the United Front ask for the full view on the Route 2024 Plan.

Risk :

No impact 2022

4. Consistency of the transformation


The history of the Circle DBPI is representative of the inconsistency over the years.

Previously, the ING Contact Centre (ICC) was an autonomous call center structure. Then the bank decided to integrate the ICC into ING in the form of Customer Loyalty Teams (CLTs), which once again became fully-fledged departments with colleagues who should have been trained to deal with cases from end to end.

Although colleagues expressed their wish to continue to do the End-2-End work (and to be properly trained to do so), management is saying the opposite, to initiate a move back to focus on call/chat on the one hand and operational focus on the other.

Risk :

This plan is limited to optimizing CRO and does not propose radical changes in approach.

This plan can only be consistent if it is accompanied by structural reinforcements that will be needed to meet the regulator's requirements

See you soon,

The United Front of Representatives

Route24 CE 23-2 UK
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