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Negotiations New Flex Plan 2023

Talks on a new plan have started. Management has come up with some ideas.

A first train of thought is the continuous opening of the cafeteria plan together with a few additions such as Medexel, expansion of the IT package including laptops, short term rental as a separate option in the flex plan.

The management also wants to reduce the Flex discount from 25% to 15%.

As a second train of thought the bank wants to make it compulsory for all employees to make a transfer of 300 euros from the “baremique” to the flex budget!

The bank argues that many people complain that their flex budget is insufficient to pay for a cafeteria car, for example.

We say: this is a mechanism to disguise the fact that your flex budget actually means a loss of purchasing power in the long run. On top of this, there is an additional impact on the overall evolution of your salary due to the loss of index and 13th month, which will no longer evolve and therefore will no longer increase your ……FLEX!

ING also wants to align its Car Policy with its ESG ambitions.

As a result, in the near future it will only be possible to order electric cars.

As if this were not enough, the discount of 30% for electric cars and 20% for pool cars will be reduced to 10%

Finally, ING also want to encourage sustainable projects by providing green loans with favourable conditions through the Flex Plan.

ACLVB finds these ways of thinking unacceptable!

The Cafeteria Plan must retain its voluntary character.

A further slowing down of the normal evolution of wages and (supplementary) pension accrual are non-negotiable for us and are not the subject of discussions within the framework of a cafeteria plan

These proposals are just another Cost savings at the expense of our staff.

Is the management really not ashamed to come up with such ideas?


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