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ING Benefits

Here is an overview of some interesting benefits as an ING staff member:

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Favorable conditions for Financial Products

Via your ING account you are entitled to favorable conditions on financial products from ING.  
Don't have an ING account yet?
Go to and open a free ING Lion Account (NB you must first be registered as a resident of Belgium)
If you have an ING account number and have started working, you can submit a request for favorable conditions.

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ING Mobile4All

ING offers all employees a mobile phone subscription that you can use with your own smartphone or mobile phone. 
What does it entail and what are the costs?
ING pays for the subscription (free use for private and professional communication).
UPDATE! You get a monthly subscription worth 50 euros (incl. VAT). With this you can: unlimited calls and texts to fixed and mobile lines in Belgium unlimited calls and text messages to fixed and mobile lines in the Netherlands 600 minutes of calls

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Request your intervention for your internet subscription at home. ING reimburses part of your monthly internet costs.

White Furnitures

Office supplies for your home office - Budget

You want to be able to work at home just as comfortably as at the office. That is why ING grants you a budget of 750 euros every 3 years with which you can furnish your home office. With the budget you can buy material on the online platform of our partner Buro International. ING selected a product range that meets ergonomic standards and tax and social legislation. The following products are offered:      _cc781905-5cde-3 194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d__cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_   Office chair

Desk table

Desk cabinet

Functional desk lamp Computer monitor



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Profit premium / Collective premium

The profit premium in ING Belgium consists of two parts: 

  • the actual profit premium;

  • the net equivalent benefit (the so-called non-recurring result-related benefit).

 This benefit will be paid on April 28, 2023:

  • after approval of the accounts at the General Assembly;

  • provided the profit of ING Belgium SA/nv is sufficiently large.


Coach & Care / Wellbeing

Are you in a difficult situation privately or professionally? We are with you! In the document Coach & Care - Program  you will find a list of what help or support is available.

The EAP Helpdesk is available 24/7 for individual coaching to all internal employees and their relatives living under the same roof for all types of issues (private or professional)...

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Supplementary pension

The supplementary pension is an extra-legal benefit from ING. In this way we build up a capital that you can use when you retire.

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Insurance Healthcare

An insurance for health care, which offers a generous supplement to the basic interventions of the health insurance fund.

For ING employees with an open-ended contract, their family members and retirees.

New employees will receive all information by email. Complete the webform Health Care Insurance if you wish to affiliate.

aclvb CGSLB LOGO (2).PNG

Trade union premium PC 310

For the financial sector (PC 310), a union premium is provided for union members. A union premium of 35 euros is paid annually. The payment starts from September 15 to November 15. That makes membership a bit more interesting.


Businessmen with Umbrellas

Health campaigns

At ING, you and your family can already enjoy comprehensive health insurance at an affordable price. 

VOSSCO offers you an additional refund of EUR 50 for six studies:

  • Consultation heart examination;

  • Consultation for melanoma research;

  • Eye test consultation;

  • Diabetes consultation;

  • Consultation hearing test;

  • Annual examination at the dentist; 

  • Blood test (performance date from 01/01/2023)

All checks must be performed by a doctor.

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Medical Investigation

  • The medical examination is reserved for the main members of VOSSCO with an employment contract with ING Belgium (including suspended employment contracts) and their partner.

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Allowance costs to stop smoking

ING has decided to pay a contribution towards the costs of smokers who want to get rid of their addiction. The compensation is up to 50% of the proven costs, or a maximum of EUR 120 per person.

To receive the allowance, a number of conditions and formalities must be met:

  • you are a staff member or partner of a staff member of ING Belgium NV;

  • Your doctor declares that he is prescribing you an anti-smoking treatment;

  • Your pharmacist certifies the delivery of the products and the amount paid



Your monthly salary mainly consists of your basic salary and your Flex Budget.
The baremic salary is determined by de function class where your position is located and your professional experience.

The Flex Budget can be spent in the Flexible Reward Plan on the benefits of your choice.

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Blauwe persoonlijke voorwerpen


“The final evaluation is the last mandatory step in the performance cycle and takes place between November and December.

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Become a member

At the Liberal Union you are not a number. You feel that immediately when you step inside

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