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Performance management

Final evaluation

The final evaluation offers each employee and manager the opportunity to discuss together their progress against the job expectations, the agreements for Orange Code and the ambitions.  It is also the time to discuss the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and career aspirations.

With continuous dialogues and the interim interview, the final evaluation interview should no longer have any surprises in store.

However, it remains important that everyone should be well prepared to have an in-depth and constructive conversation.

If the employee does not immediately accept the content and performance scores of the evaluation, the employee can request a new meeting with his manager and discuss the evaluation again:

  • The employee can explain his point of view and substantiate it with facts and observable behaviour.

  • The manager can also clarify again the merits of the evaluation.

  • If manager and employee cannot reach an agreement during this meeting, the employee can turn to his manager's manager (N+2).

  • The N+2 manager discusses the evaluation with both the employee and the manager.

  • The intervention of the N+2 manager can provide additional clarification, comment or adjustment of the evaluation.

       Als de medewerker de evaluatie daarna nog niet aanvaardt, kan hij een

       ticket aanmaken  bij People Services.

  • The representative of the Employee Guidance Team discusses the evaluation with both the employee and the manager.

  • Based on all elements, the N+2 manager and the representative of the Employee Guidance Team make a final decision on the evaluation of the employee.

    The manager (N+1) documents this decision in the employee's assessment form. The employee then signs the form for inspection and can also add comments if desired.


        The employee can be assisted at every stage of this procedure




Your monthly salary mainly consists of your basic salary and your Flex Budget.
The baremic salary is determined by de function class where your position is located and your professional experience.

The Flex Budget can be spent in the Flexible Reward Plan on the benefits of your choice.

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Blue Package

ING Benefits

ING offers you numerous advantages as a staff member.

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Become a member

At the Liberal Union you are not a number. You feel that immediately when you step inside

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