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Your monthly salary mainly consists of your basic salary and your Flex Budget.


The baremic salary is determined by de function class where your position is located and your professional experience.

The Flex Budget can be spent in the Flexible Reward Plan on the benefits of your choice. The budget not spent for a benefit of the extensive mobility offer, Flex ICT, Flex Pension Savings or Flex Holidays is paid out as gross Flex Cash at the same time as your basic salary. 

NB! You don't get a 13th month. After all, a similar amount is integrated in the Flex Budget. If you do not choose benefits in the Flexible Reward Plan, the equivalent of a thirteenth month will be paid monthly in gross Flex Cash.

The Flex Budget that you can use to make your choices when opening the Flex Plan is based on your current situation at the time of the choice (Flex Budget and work regime).

You have your full Flex Budget available to choose benefits in the Flexible Reward Plan – insofar as it has not yet been spent on benefits from a previous Flexible Reward Plan.

If you opt for an advantage from the mobility offer (Flex Car, Flex Bike, Flex B-Parking, Flex Upgrade 1st Class), Flex ICT and/or Flex Pension Savings, you will receive a discount of 25% on the cost of the chosen benefit.

If you do not choose a Flex benefit from the mobility offer, Flex ICT, Flex Pension Savings or Flex Holidays, you will be paid your full Flex Budget in gross monthly Flex Cash. If you opt for one or more of the benefits mentioned above, the unspent part of your Flex Budget will also be paid out in this way.

However, also keep in mind that your Flex Budgetnotwill be indexed, which is of course the case with your base salary.

Click below for an overview of the various options:

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