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The Works Council

The works council is a joint body in which the head of the company informs and consults the employee representatives.

It is a two-tier body composed of, on the one hand, the head of the company and the employers' representatives appointed by him and, on the other hand, the employees' representatives who are elected every 4 years by the employees of the company on the basis of the lists of candidates submitted by the representative employees' and executive organizations

Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW-CPPT)

The Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW-CCPT) is a consultative body. It is concerned with the safety and health of employees and supervises the well-being policy in the company.


Trade Union Delegation (SD)

The trade union delegation is authorized: for labor relations in general: wages, working hours, premiums, working conditions, to negotiate with a view to concluding collective agreements or agreements

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Become a candidate !

ACLVB-CGSLB is preparing for the 2024 social elections.

We continue to grow and are therefore looking for additional candidates.

We are curious about your vision and input.

Do you feel addressed? Come on !

Why stand up?

To be able to play a major role at ING, a trade union needs elected representatives for the consultative bodies. Only then can a trade union tinker with the working conditions and well-being of ALL employees.

By participating in the social elections, you give the ACLVB a stronger voice in the consultative bodies and you can stand up for your colleagues as a candidate and help ensure their well-being in the workplace.

Last but not least you too will benefit thanks to your union commitment. You add extra challenge to your job. Moreover, your knowledge and skills expand at lightning speed, which is a bonus.

Come on en be part of an exciting new nnetwork.

What can I count on as a candidate?

As a candidate you can count on support, service and training.

But at the Liberal Trade Union it is also moto

'Free vision, own voice' inextricably linked to your candidacy.

To guarantee employees that they can confidently submit their candidacy and express themselves freely, the legislator has provided for protection against dismissal of candidates for the social elections and elected members of the Works Council and the CPPW.

More about protection ?

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