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Blue Flash 06/2023

Actively involve employees

Not a day goes by without there being a need for personnel somewhere, a need for reinforcement in the event of an unforeseen event such as illness, departure,...

Too often, our management chooses to use temporary workers to fill in the gaps in our organization. Unfortunately, we see quite a few experienced colleagues leaving the bank and being replaced by inexperienced temporary workers. However, we opt for the establishment of a "Task Force" composed of staff members who wish to change position or whose position has disappeared, but who are ready to reorient themselves.

A "win-win" for ING Belgium and its employees!

When developing an organization's plans, it is therefore essential to actively involve employees in this process. By paying more attention to employee needs, the management team can get a better picture of the organization's needs and challenges. Additionally, involving employees contributes to a sense of involvement, which improves team motivation and productivity. It is important to create an open and inclusive culture where everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and contribute to the success of the organization.

Can't take all your days off ? Soon you will be able to transfer them!

From 2024, employees who have not been able to take all of their legal leave days on December 31 of the year of leave may, in certain cases, carry over these days to the following 24 months. The ACLVB/CGSLB had defended this measure some time ago within the National Labor Council. The royal decree has just been published.

Employees cannot always take all public holidays during the calendar year, for example during maternity leave. Unused leave days will then be purely and simply lost. This will soon be a thing of the past, because it will be possible to carry over your legal leave to the following two years, that is to say to the 24 months following the year of vacation. Find out more

Office workers still under pressure (free vision, own voice)

For several years, office workers have been regularly put to the test.

Sales staff, like everywhere else in the bank, suffer the consequences of a constant reduction in the number of employees, but more than elsewhere, they have to deal with a network in full transformation, which requires rapid adaptation to new procedures, new software that often fails and an increasingly complex working method. Above all, these staff are on the front line with customers who have been neglected, forgotten, from whom we no longer wanted cash and who now have to be tried to recover, who could no longer or very badly reach ING, whom we we are removing certain services… and offices, as well as selfbanks.

Fortunately, the offices have reopened, much to the satisfaction of customers and the relief of staff.

But you still have to explain to customers that some offices are closing, others are being transformed and without a safe, without a cash register or without the possibility of obtaining foreign currency, what to do: sequences of operations go to their computer or the ING App, whether you are 20, 50 or 80!

You have to have a real commercial spirit, be resistant to stress and demonstrate both professionalism and great diplomacy to exercise such a profession in such a context.

As if that weren't enough, there is no more stability for the staff, who had to come back more than once internally to obtain a ​_d04a07d8-9cd1-3239- 9149-20813d6c673b_or other new position or simply to continue working in their current position. Everyone feels on an ejection seat, wondering when it will be their turn to change, how long their position will last and to which saints (managers) they will still be able to devote themselves!

Because the management is not left out! Many managers have changed, lost their jobs, possibly left the bank or are burnt out! Fewer managers, but creation of Branch Leads. A bit like the old office managers, but without a hierarchical function, to stimulate sales, between the hammer (the management) and the anvil (the own office colleagues). Because we have to restart the business! Have we forgotten where the bank gets its income from ?

To boost sales, however, you not only need to be able to offer attractive, competitive and interesting products for customers, but you also need experienced, fit, motivated and stable employees. However, we see more and more musical chairs, at the discretion of managers, sometimes believing that everything must be turned upside down to revive teams, perhaps win, if not discourage some who are not up to expectations, and sometimes in defiance of certain private situations for certain colleagues. Nevertheless, the bank regularly emphasizes the importance of work-life balance !

“The customer comes first at ING” and employees who are motivated and proud of their employer, it's quite an art! This is acquired over time, it is earned, in constancy, attention and respect for everyone.

Double payment and extra vacation pay in June :

June is the month in which ING calculates and pays annual holiday pay to all employees. In principle, this will be paid on 06/23/2023.

The double holiday pay amounts to 85 % of gross monthly salary (and variable bonuses) for the month of June and is proportional to the number of public holidays to which you are entitled according to the performance of the reference year (2022) and your employment rate.

The additional vacation pay amounts to 7 % of the gross monthly salary (and variable bonuses) for the month of June and is proportional the number of holidays you are entitled to based on base year performance and your employment rate.

You can find more information about paid time off at People Services Site

Tax news for 2023

The year has already started for a while, but an overview of the main tax news is perhaps welcome because they almost always have an impact on your situation.

Mid-year evaluations

« Quand nous chanterons le temps des cerises, sifflera bien mieux le merle moqueur, (car nous ne) serons (pas) tous en fête … » (Yves Montand).

"When we sing about cherry season, the mockingbird will whistle much louder, (because) we will (not) all be celebrating ..." (Yves Montand).

Avec le temps des cerises, c’est le temps des évaluations Mid-year qui s’annonce. Nous avons dû remplir le formulaire d’auto-évaluation pour ce 15 juin. Vient maintenant le moment des entretiens avec notre manager.

Ces évaluations semestrielles doivent être prises très au sérieux et ne pas être considérées comme une simple formalité. Sans nous mettre davantage encore la pression à nous-même, « dans le doute, agissons » prudemment, ne signons pas d’office une évaluation que nous considérerions incorrecte, en-dessous de la valeur du travail que nous avons effectivement assumé, souvent dans un contexte difficile.

Need some useful advice before you sign? Don't hesitate to contact us - it will always be completely confidential!

Marnix Next Generation

A few pictures of the renovation of the Marnix building during our visit to the site as part of the Workplace Safety and Environment Committee.

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