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Blue Flash 01/2024

The new year is already well underway.

On behalf of all ACLVB/CGSLB delegates, we extend our best wishes to you. Good health above all! In any case, it is one of the priorities at ING!

Like the Dutch song of the Epiphany, the pennies are counted at the start of the year 😊.

Purchasing power is already the word of the year. But for whom is there really an increase in purchasing power?

We are happy to list everything again so that you can always see the wood for the trees:


Salary index:

The January salary, paid on 01/31/2024, was indexed by 0.21% thanks to the index.

Salary indexation is a bimonthly phenomenon at ING. This is what was agreed at sectoral level. An adaptation can be done upwards or downwards (which, fortunately, does not happen often). This indexation, that is to say the increase in purchasing power, applies to everyone.

Annual salary increase:

In January, your salary scale is increased every year or every two years by a gross amount corresponding to the nominal increase in the sector salary scale. Your Flex budget also increases at this time.  (More details at People Services

PC-CP 310 Barème
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Meal vouchers +1 euro:

In September of last year, we wrote that meal vouchers would not see the light of day. Discussions on this subject at the federal level are blocked by the green and red unions! (They want a salary increase instead).

It's a shame because it was a purchasing power planned for everyone, acquired on a recurring and definitive basis (220 € net/year). Instead, one-off compensation of €200 was granted in the form of consumption vouchers.

It's not purchasing power for everyone. People who have not worked a full year in 2023 will be paid pro rata. People recruited from 2024 don't even have anything!

In addition, this bonus will not be taken into account in the calculation of any possible severance pay in which meal vouchers are included.  ING will therefore effectively recover this amount paid in 2023 in the event of dismissal. Budgetary neutrality is required today...

We do not consider this to be equivalent compensation, which was repeatedly promised at the negotiating table if meal vouchers were not included.

Double standards...



1 euro subsidy for soup, daily special and vegetarian dish:

This subsidy is obviously only applicable in buildings which have a company restaurant. This is a flow of 100 to 200 people per day, per item and per building.

It is therefore a question of an increase in purchasing power for a limited audience.

Fair enought, whom does not honor the small is not worthy of the great.


Teleworking allowance:

The compensation ceiling has been raised from €85 to €110. (+ lump sum compensation).

In the CGSLB's package of demands during the summer 2023 negotiations, there was a request for equal treatment of all staff for this compensation and therefore also the request to grant those who have a representation allowance from now on a teleworking allowance of €110-€115 in addition to the representation allowance.

In addition, we have requested that it be paid on a lump sum basis. 

The employer responded by granting the ceiling on the one hand and the lump sum for all on the other.

We were upset by the fact that the last and final effort of the employer (from €100 to €110) was only granted to those who do not have representation allowance. Equal treatment therefore does not exist. People benefiting from representation allowance thus lost 120 euros in net purchasing power!

Once again, double standards...


Bicycle allowance:

The bicycle allowance increases from €0.27 to €0.35 from January 2024. We find it strange that communications from management and some unions do not mention thata tax cap of 2,500 euros is also being introduced. Possibly this ceiling will be raised this year. Is currently under discussion within the government

This ceiling will be exceeded if you cycle more than 7,142 kilometers. Kilometres traveled beyond this ceiling as part of commuting will therefore be taxed at your marginal tax rate .

Note! From the assessment year 2025 (income 2024), the bicycle allowance is only exempt if your professional expenses are calculated on a flat-rate basis. Therefore, if you choose to deduct actual professional expenses in your tax return, you will no longer be entitled to this exemption from tax year 2025 (income 2024) onwards.


Early Leave en accepted leave:

The ACLVB/CGSLB put on the agenda during the social laws committee in January, the fact that the early leave allowance is more heavily taxed and that people do not receive sufficiently clear information. Management has informed that compensation for colleagues entering the early leave system will be paid as replacement income (code 1271-87 / 2271 -57).

The simulation tool provided by ING only shows the gross amounts. As the tax situation may differ from one person to another, it is impossible to communicate net amounts.

We received a commitment to update the FAQ on the intranet with greater clarity.

We already advise you to simulate your personal situation. Did you know that ACLVB/ CGSLB members can use ACLVB/CGSLB 360° services for this purpose?

Can we still change our minds?

For ING, a choice entered into the system is final and irrevocable. For voluntary departure, ING can refuse, for early leave, it can only request a postponement.

If voluntary leave is not accepted by the manager, the staff member can still opt for early leave if conditions are met.

In other words, the staff member is engaged. ING is a little less so.

From a legal point of view, it is obvious that there is only an agreement when an official document is signed to this effect .


Social Elections 2024:

2024 will be the ultimate election year!

In addition to the federal, regional and European elections and the municipal and provincial elections, social elections will also be organized this year. At ING, they will take place from 05/15/2024 (8 a.m.) to 05/22/2024 (11 a.m.).

The ACLVB/CGSLB places dialogue at the forefront. We want the worker and the company to benefit. Only when all possibilities have been exhausted will we take action.

Would you like to get involved and join our team? Not convinced yet? Do not hesitate to contact a CGSLB representative!

22-0401_Become Candidate
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The candidate protection period begins between January 14 and 27, 2024

Candidates running in social elections benefit from some protection against dismissal. It begins between January 14 and 27, following the date chosen for the vote in May 2024.

Protection against dismissal is rarely the main reason for a worker's engagement in union action on the eve of elections. However, it is welcome to avoid abuses by employers who do not play the game of social consultation within the company.

Maintenance of vacation days in the event of incapacity to work during your holiday

If you become ill during a period of annual leave, by fulfilling certain obligations, you will be able to take your holidays at a later date. At the time of illness, the qualification of the absence will be converted into absence due to disability. This requalification rule also applies in the event of maternity leave, maternity leave transformed in the event of hospitalization or death of the mother, absence due to social promotion, prophylactic leave, birth leave, adoption leave, foster leave and foster parental leave. In addition, if you cannot take your legal holidays on time, you can carry it over - under certain conditions - to the following two vacation years. This transfer will only be authorized if you were unable to take your legal leave during the vacation year for the following reasons : incapacity for work, maternity leave, maternity leave transformed into hospitalization or death of the mother, prophylactic leave, birth leave, adoption leave, family foster leave and foster parental leave.

Do you have any further questions  ? Contact your ACLVB/CGSLB representative or send an email BE-CGSLB-ACLVB 


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