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Let's introduce ourselves

ACLVB is one of the three representative trade union organizations in Belgium with more than 300,000 members, 600 employees and more than 5,000 delegates.

ACLVB is a trade union where every person is central and where the local approach takes precedence. Our values (freedom, solidarity, responsibility and tolerance) are the four pillars of our social liberalism.

We do not dictate choices, but we give ideas and solutions to members, militants and representatives. 

We do all this politically independently.

At  ACLVB, we value the dynamism and initiative of our candidates and representatives to defend the interests of employees at ING.

We allow them a large degree of autonomy based on respect for our ideals.

​In order to play a significant role at ING, a trade union needs representatives for the consultative bodies, such as the Works Council (OR) and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPBW).

Only then can a union tinker with the working conditions and well-being of ALL employees.

Participating in the social elections is therefore a win-win situation:  ACLVB can have a clear voice in the consultative bodies through as many candidates as possible.

We are at the service of all our colleagues, regardless of race, origin, creed, gender, hair color or position.

See now what else we can do for you!


Free vision, own voice

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