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We want to make sure that you can find the most essential information on our website and that you immediately feel at home.

Welfare at work legislation imposes a number of reception obligations on employers. And they apply to all employees, including people who are recruited for a fixed term, temporary workers, trainees, etc.

In concrete terms, the employer is responsible for welcoming, guiding, informing and training each employee.

We, ACLVB, continue to insist on expanding the content of the welcome day.  It therefore seems to me necessary to integrate the explanation of the safety rules by a prevention advisor in this reception day (and no longer via e-learning).

Let's take the opportunity to invest more together in a good reception policy

A good reception of a new employee not only ensures higher satisfaction, but also higher productivity.

And that pays off, especially in the long term.

Some milestones at ING Belgium in a nutshell

Credit Assessment

Your monthly remuneration mainly consists of your salary scale and your Flex Budget.

The scale salary is determined by de function class in which your position is and your professional experience.

​The Flex Budget can be spent in the Flexible Reward Plan on the benefits you choose. The unused budget for a benefit of the extensive mobility offer, Flex ICT, Flex Pension Savings or Flex Holidays is paid out as gross Flex Cash at the same time as your salary scale.


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Banks (JC 310) - Attraction Plan 2023-2024

The search for talent has been giving the sector a lot of headaches for some time now. How do you become and remain attractive as a sector? And, at least as important: how do you retain your employees?
The banking sector, like so many other sectors, is struggling to attract new talent and keep good employees in workable jobs.
Moreover, the sector has an enormous social and economic role. Banks use money to make dreams of people or companies come true.
As a social partner, we want to contribute to attracting and retaining talent. That is why we as trade unions developed our attractiveness plan for the sector, based on a survey we conducted among your employees. 

Blue Personal Objects

Step Up Performance Management (SUPM) is the global approach to performance management. It is intended to improve your personal performance, and therefore that of ING.


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Join our team !

ACLVB/CGSLB is preparing for the 2024 social elections.

We continue to grow and are therefore looking for additional candidates.

We are curious about your vision and input.

Do you feel addressed? Come on !

Why stand up?

To be able to play a major role at ING, a trade union needs elected representatives for theconsultative bodies. Only then can a trade union tinker with the working conditions and well-being of ALL employees.


Become a member

When things are going well in your company, you may not notice much of the benefits of a union. Our task is to negotiate with the employer on behalf of our members about the collective employment conditions, such as your wages, working hours, working conditions, rights and obligations, ...

And of course that only happens when there is dissatisfaction. We will also watch over the rights of our members in the event of redundancies, closures or reorganisations.

A union like ours can also provide you with a lot of personal benefits.

You can contact us for: 


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