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Healthy first !

Always a positive note among the many negative reports. The National Health Management Committee, of which the liberal union ACLVB/CGSLB is a member, has decided to extend the health campaigns of the VOSSCO-ASCEL non-profit organisation until 2023 due to the overall success. The health of employees comes first for us, under the motto "prevention better than cure"! As a result, the following health campaigns have been extended (+ 1): Ø Cardiac examination consultation Ø Consultation on melanoma research Ø Consultation on eye tests Ø Consultation on diabetes Ø Consultation on hearing tests Ø Annual examination at the dentist Ø Blood test / annual analysis (NEW!) An X-ray proposal had also been made, but it was not retained and referred to MedExel, which already provides for an important intervention in this regard. Good to know: Ø All checks must be carried out by a doctor Ø The offer is valid for VOSSCO-ASCEL's main members and their partner / children. Ø The intervention of a maximum of €50 applies per person and per examination. Ø Refunds cover the period from January 1 to December 31, 2023. All VOSSCO-ASCEL's requests for intervention can be made very soon via a practical and reworked online form. Don't worry, the investigations that have already taken place in 2023 will be available via this amended form.


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