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Blue Flash May 2022

From 1 June, register all your home-work trips in Mbrella

As from 1 June, the current "Self-Service Commuting" will disappear. This also means that all commuting payments based on this information will stop. From now on, ING will only reimburse your commuting expenses based on your Mbrella registrations! (= real journeys).

The Mbrella platform retrieves certain data from the HR database and from your DOTS calendar. It is therefore extremely important that your DOTS calendar is always correctly filled in.

Unless you come to work every day, this may have an immediate impact on your monthly purchasing power (= pay slip) and on the tax exemptions (deductible amounts) in your tax return.

So keep an eye on your payslip of 30 June!

Start of negotiations on the new Flexible Reward Plan

In June, the Management intends to renegotiate a new Flexible Reward Plan. We have already been informed that it will be technical and sensitive. The Management Board does not want to give further details, which suggests that there will again be an attack on the purchasing power of the employees, the salary growth (index) and, by extension, the supplementary pension of the employees.

They want to finalize - an agreement in principle - within a month. Given the complexity of the matter, this does not seem to be a realistic plan, but rather one that is being forced through under time pressure.

We receive more and more questions about the fact that the flexible wage is not indexed, especially now that inflation is picking up. As a result, the employee loses purchasing power. Moreover, consumer prices are rising and so is the cost of leasing. Something that the fierce proponents of the cafeteria plan from the very beginning are now also starting to realize!

Working at ING can damage your health

Things are not going well for employees at ING. In some departments up to 30% of the people leave on an annual basis, with on top of that an absence rate of long-term sickness flirting with the 10% mark. These are historically unprecedented figures for ING and there is certainly a “need to improve”. The management has come up with a recovery plan that focuses on continuous learning. However, it is clear that today, people are still unable to follow their usual training path for their day-to-day jobs! Not even after they have been employed for more than 6 months! In our opinion, the enormous pressure in the departments due to understaffing will not be relieved by an additional learning program. On the contrary!

CLA90 objectives quarterly information:

In the Works Council of 19 May, we were informed that 2 of the 3 objectives were not achieved in the first quarter.

In particular, the profit and the RoE did not come through. Only the savings on cleaning seem to be succeeding nicely. We can also see this in the dust levels in the various departments.

Bank holidays and bank holiday replacement days 2023-2025


- 2020: 2 days off to be chosen in agreement with the company management

- 2021: 2 days off to be chosen in agreement with management (of which 1 to replace of Saturday 25 December)

- 2022: one day off to be chosen in agreement with management


2020 : The public holiday of 15 August falling on a Saturday, normal inactivity day, replaced Friday 10 April;

1 November, which is a Sunday and a day of inactivity, is replaced by Friday 22 May.

2021: The holiday of May 1 falling on a Saturday, ordinary inactivity day, replaced by

Friday 2 April;

15 August which falls on a Sunday as a day of normal inactivity is replaced by Friday 14 May

Replace the public holiday of 25 December, which falls on a Saturday, a day of normal inactivity, by a day off.

2022 : The public holiday of 1 January, falling on a Saturday, a day of normal inactivity, is replaced by Friday 15 April;

1 May, which falls on a Sunday as a public holiday, is replaced by Friday 27 May.


The holiday of 25 December which falls on a Sunday, a day of normal inactivity, is replaced by Monday 26 December.

Abolition of the Coach & Care formation + WQ programme

.The Vossco Board of Directors was asked in May whether the funding for these two programs could be provided by Vossco's/Asscel Social Works.

Management decided to cancel these 2 initiatives for budgetary reasons. This was confirmed at the Works Council of 19 May.

We find this decision remarkable, given the budget of 355,000.00 requested. The fact that ING claims to be committed to the well-being of the people is further undermined by this decision.

Vossco's/Ascel’s general assembly will take a decision in June.

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