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All the best for 2022!

A new year has begun. Traditionally, it is the time to send each other best wishes and good health for the coming year.

Especially the latter is more topical than ever. And not only the Covid situation has to do with this. We notice more and more that the untenable work pressure and working conditions start to take their toll.

We will continue to keep this theme under the attention of the management and expect concrete measures that really offer a solution. Often, the problem is shifted around or temporarily solved by supporting other employees from other departments. This only ensures that commercial activities are often left behind to remedy operational processes that are not running smoothly.

The ACLVB/CGSLB will therefore continue to work to promote your well-being at work!

News from the bank:

New leasing partners:

ING is joining forces with 2 new leasing companies: Arval and ALD automotive. The company Traxhall will take care of the administrative part. As everything is not yet ready for the final switch, no new cars can be ordered until 01/04/2022. Pool cars are still available as long as the stock lasts.

Order office equipment:

Order execution at Bureau International continues to be delayed, mainly due to delivery problems. A new ticketing system has also been introduced in order to properly follow up the 350 or so files.

Entering daily electricity prices for plug-in and electric cars:

Did you also receive an e-mail in your mailbox, just before the turn of the year, asking you to pass on your real electricity prices to ENECO? This is obviously not easy for people with a variable contract and prices that fluctuate daily. The reason for this is a new ministerial decree which states that from now on refunds can only be made on the basis of real prices instead of on a fixed basis.

When we asked for more information, we received the answer that ING is currently looking into this with ENECO.

We will of course keep you informed!

55+ Early Leave:

Around 1230 employees opted to "Early Leave" in recent years. This is considerably higher than the projections of 2017. (1195 employees were eligible with a estimated success factor of 75%).

Covid19 conditions and changing working conditions have contributed to many people choosing to opt out last minute. We are getting many questions about whether ING will come up with a similar plan. ING is not yet willing to provide such a plan again.

Intervention for commuter traffic:

In implementation of the Collective Labour Agreement of March 2017, as of 1 January you will only receive an allowance for actual travel between home and work. For many people, this means a net loss of purchasing power. This year on your pay slip, next year in your tax return!

Eco-vouchers (250€) and consumption vouchers (500€) - (FTE):

These were charged to your Sodexo card. In June 2022, the sport and culture vouchers will also be charged to this card. We repeat that not all merchants accept this means of payment. So it remains a challenge to get rid of them again.

Indexation of salaries & annual increase:

Salaries for PC310 will be increased by 1.30% from January (payment 31/01). The annual increases linked to the sector minimum scales as well as the payment of the gift voucher (35€) will then be implemented.

You may still have questions and we would like to know your opinion.

You can send your comments to: BE-CGSLB-ACLVB

Please forward to your colleagues.



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