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Blue Flash 03/2023

Dear reader,

We would have liked to have devoted this Blue Flash today solely to "International Women's Day". Unfortunately, due to current developments, we are obliged to announce less good news to you.

A wave of layoffs is currently sweeping through the bank.

At the works council on 16 February last, DBPI the SBOs and transformation office were once again on the ball. yet another announcement, yet another reorganisation, yet another outsourcing, yet another phasing out.

We had warned you about this in late 2021 and unfortunately what we had predicted has come true. This was one of the reasons why we were the only union not to sign the collective labour agreement at the time (See Blue Flash 09/21 "The oldest magic trick is that of distraction and illusion" as well as The painful demise of social consultation at ING ).

At the 16/02 works council, the unions have now been forced to remain silent on additional workforce reduction initiatives. The presentation was even changed well after the topic was discussed in the works council and declared confidential.

Unseen in the history of the bank!

ACVLB/CGSLB formalised its protest and submitted an official request for reporting in the Works Council on (future) staff turnover.

Figures so far jealously concealed by the bank.

To be continued!

8 March International Women's Day

March 8 is internationally dedicated to the fight for women's rights.

Once and for all, the inequalities they face compared to men must be ended. ACLVB is fully committed to this struggle: we have made the complete eradication of the gender pay gap one of our goals for 2030.

As a union, we want to do everything possible to achieve the greatest possible equality in the labour market. Everyone should have the same opportunities and possibilities in their professional careers. According to 2019 figures from the Central Business Council, the (adjusted) pay gap is 9.1%, taking into account working hours, as women are more likely to work part-time. Comparing only the gross annual salary of women and men, the gap rises to 22.7%.

Free vision, own voice

We women are far from being a minority, as we represent half of humanity, but unfortunately gender discrimination still exists.

Moreover, it is not just about discrimination. Indeed, there are still many cases of verbal or physical violence, sexual aggression, unequal pay, ... limited access to employment, training or promotion ...

It is to defend all these struggles that the International Women's Rights Day was created.

Legally, women are equal to men. So be it.

But why in this day and age do we still see inequality in wages?

Why are women's pensions lower?

Why in this day and age do women still have to devote themselves to raising children, caring for people at home, sometimes working part-time to do all that?

Why do you still hear all too often that a woman is in a hurry to get home because she has to pick up children from school, take care of elderly parents, run errands, clean or iron?

Let's face it, the distribution of household chores leaves a lot to be desired.

Why is it that a woman who wants to be somewhat attractive is still whistled at on the street or worse, insulted for daring to walk alone and proud?

Why are many women in the grip of mental overload? Too much to think about and for everyone ... Maybe you recognise yourself?

It is true that life in Belgium is better than in other countries, but we must remain extremely vigilant, we must continue to educate our children to respect others, whether they are different or not, and to defend and protect the weakest.

It is our duty as citizens, our duty as mothers, our duty as staff representatives, our duty as women.

It is thanks to our dignity, hard work, will, tenacity, generosity and patience that we will succeed in changing this dishonourable behaviour.

If you too want to go for better equality, don't hesitate any longer and join us!

Join ACLVB and let's unite to actively defend everyone's rights, improve our working conditions and defend our colleagues.

Get involved and stand for election!

GO FOR 50/50!

Turkey earthquake

A massive earthquake hit parts of southern Turkey and northern Syria overnight on 6 February 2023. According to AFAD, more than 11,000 buildings were destroyed. 18 days after the quake, more than 50,000 people had been reported dead, including about 6,000 in Syria and about 44,000 in Turkey, making it the deadliest disaster in Turkey's history.

One of our female ACLVB/CGSLB mandataries was at the scene and gives this shocking testimony. Read more

Indexation Wages PC 310

March wages indexation (payment 31/03/2023)-

Good news! Your wages are up 0.4% thanks to the index.

Indexation 2023

​Jan 2023


Ma 2023


Mai 2023

Jul 2023

Sept 2023

Nov 2023

TOTAL 2023

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New bicycle allowance ceiling

The National Labour Council has concluded a supplementary collective agreement under which employees who do not receive a bicycle allowance through a collective agreement at company or sectoral level will also be entitled to a bicycle allowance of €0.27/km from 1 May 2023 at the latest.

If a sectoral or company collective agreement exists, the conditions and amounts of these sectoral or company collective agreements must be applied.

In this sense, the ACLVB-CGSLB has submitted a request to the Executive Board of ING - pioneer of sustainibility - to adjust their remuneration to this new maximum amount.

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