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Blue Flash 02/2024

On 14 February, it is customary for lovers to give each other a gift

Therefore, as it does every year, ACLVB/ CGSLB wants to celebrate this day with you in style by giving you a chocolate heart.

Why do you deserve this attention at work?

Simply because we appreciate you, admire you for your commitment, your loyalty and all the efforts you make every day and especially in these difficult times.

Enjoy your chocolate heart to the full.

Bicycle allowances

The government reached an agreement last month on the taxation of internal combustion engine company cars. If the Liberal Union welcomes the modification of the calculation of the ATN (all-kind benefit), sparing workers a 20% increase in this tax, it is particularly pleased with the increase in the tax-exempt annual ceiling for bicycle allowances.

As a reminder, the government decided last year to increase the maximum bicycle allowance from 0.27 euros to 0.35 euros per kilometer. The compensation was previously completely exempt from taxes and social security contributions. But this increase was accompanied by a new tax ceiling, set at 2,500 euros, an amount beyond which this bicycle allowance is taxable. This measure obviously harmed cyclist workers who live further from their workplace.

The CGSLB then called for a substantial increase in this ceiling. The government finally agreed to increase it by 1,000 euros to 3,500 euros. Positive news for mobility ! Cycling is an essential factor in the transition to more sustainable mobility, and any measure that encourages workers to use it to get to work is good to take.

Program law

A program law generally translates budgetary decisions into legal terms and encompasses a range of different policy themes and areas. Although it is often published between Christmas and New Year, it is no less important - on the contrary!

  • Target group reduction for collective reduction in working time

  • Activation contribution

  • Supplement in the event of temporary unemployment

  • Adaptation of the bonus to tax employment

Current and Essential: Recovery of personal mobile phone number at the end of the employment contract

Since January 1, 2024, workers have had the right to request the use of their personal mobile phone number back from their employer at the end of their employment contract. This new rule is established in article 21/1 of the law of July 3, 1978 relating to employment contracts.

At the start of the employment contract, the employer may choose to finance the worker's personal mobile telephone subscription rather than providing them with a professional telephone number. In this case, he transfers the right to use his mobile phone number to the employer.

After the end of the employment contract, the worker has the right to request recovery of his personal mobile phone number. This request must be made in writing and within one month following the end of the employment contract. If the request complies with the rules, the employer cannot refuse recovery of the right of use.

Social Elections 2024

The ACLVB/CGSLB places dialogue at the forefront. We want everyone to benefit.

Only when all possibilities have been exhausted will we take action.

Would you like to get involved and join our team? Not convinced yet? Do not hesitate to contact a CGSLB representative!

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