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Blue Flash 02/2023

Qui dit Février, dit Saint-Valentin !

On 14 February, it is customary for lovers to give each other a gift

Therefore, like every year, ACLVB wants to celebrate this popular and fun holiday with you in style by giving you a chocolate heart. Why do you deserve this attention at work?

Simply because we appreciate you, admire you for your commitment, your loyalty and all the efforts you make every day and especially in these difficult times.

Enjoy your chocolate heart to the full

Performance Management...

Performance management is not an easy field. It is constantly evolving, hence the need for an effective performance management system. New trends in performance management emerge every year and, unfortunately, it happens all too often that human resources departments get it all wrong.

This leads to employees feeling drained, unmotivated and uninvolved. Managers are frustrated at the poor performance of teams and individual employees. At ING, it looks more and more like the so-called performance management system is being used for the wrong purposes. "Performance Management" will be used inappropriately as a stick and is going to have a major impact on our subsequent careers. What should have motivated us before is now going to trigger a witch-hunt with a divide and conquer culture. Chances are it is going to further undermine group dynamics

With this so-called witch hunt of "the need to improve" already underway, some are blindly obeying. Others deliver what is asked of them, without asking further questions and silencing their feelings. If management wants to hear that it will be delivered in May, even if it is impossible for November, so be it. If we need to filter the data differently to make the numbers sound sweeter to management, so be it! If management remains deaf to our repeated warnings about the lack of impact analysis, it is no longer our responsibility. If customers have to wait hours or days to be served because we are working with fewer staff, what can we do?

We also invite you to join our Yammer channel, where we will regularly update you on further developments as well.

Do you want a four-day working week?

The four-day week: a full-time employee can ask for the full-time working week to be performed on 4 instead of 5 days. This is therefore not a reduction in working hours, as the employee will have to perform longer days.

From now on, a full-time employee can also request an alternating week regime. This means that that employee can work one week or several weeks more than the company's normal working hours, only to have more time off during the next week or weeks.

The alternating week regime follows a certain cycle and may be of interest to employees with co-parenting.

Both the four-day week and the alternating week regime must be applied for in advance in writing for a maximum period of six months, which can be extended. The employer can refuse the application, but must justify the refusal in writing.

What about overtime?

An employee who opts for a four-day working week cannot perform voluntary overtime on the days he does not work.

To date, our employer is reluctant and very sceptical about this possibility. We deeply regret this and repeatedly urged it to be more flexible on this possibility.

However, research has shown that a 4-day working week has only advantages. Both employees and employers who participated in this research are now staunch supporters of a shortened working life.

Participating companies are extremely satisfied and almost all have since committed to continue with the 4-day working week. Turnover has increased over the course of the study while sick days and absenteeism have fallen. Employees are also enthusiastic. And the climate effects, although less well measured, are also encouraging as there was simply less driving.

Social elections will take place between 13 and 26 May 2024

The National Labour Council (NAR) has issued an opinion on the date for the next social elections. These will basically take place between 13 and 26 May 2024.

In order to play a significant role at ING, a union needs elected members. By participating in the social elections, you give ACLVB/CGSLB a stronger voice and, as a candidate, you can stand up for your colleagues and help ensure their well-being in the workplace.

Come on and be part of an exciting network.


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