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So you can come to us for: 

You ask questions about the calculation of your salary, taxes, pension, illness, disability,...?

You want professional advice on which direction to take in your career?

You need (legal) assistance in case of conflict or dismissal? In that case, also read our Legal Disputes Charter.

You want to be helped by a consultant in your job search?

You are looking for a union that pays your (unemployment) benefits quickly and correctly?

You want to celebrate special moments with a birth or adoption bonus, marriage bonus, cohabitation bonus or retirement bonus?

You want to recover part of your membership fees via a trade union premium, provided through your sector?

Support on the work floor

360° service, we offer you up-to-date advice and expertise on

- taxes,

- your career,

- premiums and allowances,

- additional earnings,

- frontier work,

- your inheritance,

- tenancy law,

- cohabitation forms,

- digital support and mobility

Employees who are members of a trade union are entitled to a trade union bonus. In the PC 310 of banks, this amounts to 35€ and is paid in October/November

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