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Who I am … 

Filip Vandenbroecke – 60 years old - 36,5 years ING  - 4 children - 4 grand-children

CJE & Product lead Documents and Content services BE

I have been for 36 years within BBL-ING. I want to put my experience at the service of my company and my colleagues.

The bank offered me the opportunity to exercise very diverse roles like Sales adversor, analyst, entity manager, Architect, global Head of product Management, IT area Lead, program manager, chapter lead, Product Owner and now Product Lead. I worked within Current Accounts, Payments, Cash Management, Trade and Finance Services, Business and Personal Lending, Branches, Robotics & Business Automation, and now Document and oontent services

I worked in Belgium and the Netherlands. I was involved in cross-border structures where our Belgian teams and experts had a driving role and enjoyed recognition by all.

My priorities for my engagement towards you and the CGSLB/ACLVB are  :                .

  • Allow us to work in acceptable conditions: simplify useless administration; give ourselves the human and other means for our ambitions and QBR’s, do a real prioritisation.

  • Respect for people managers and their team: imposing Gauss curves to put 15% of our colleagues in “needs improvement” is counterproductive and a source of enormous stress on both sides.

  • Fight with the CGSLB/ACLVB team so that reorganisations are done with better respect for colleagues who are leaving us and for those who must ensure continuity. The last collective agreement approved by the CNE/ACV contributed to significantly deteriorating the rights of the colleagues concerned, as well as for our departure conditions at for the end of our career.

  • Offer our company's employees and cadres development and promotion perspectives Too often, we see good internal candidates blocked by the arrival of managers from outside, with an attachment to our DNA, our values ​​and our company that is regularly inversely proportional to their engagement for their KPI’s…

  • Ensure that the ING BE teams are more frequently granted global leadership for developments or activities with sufficient means to assume it. We deserve better than always having to execute unrealistic or inadequate plans defined in Amsterdam.

  • End of career. “Always more” is neither healthy nor sustainable. I personally had the opportunity to do a “soft landing”, and I am very satisfied with it. I think that a well-supported soft landing carried out with respect for the person concerned is in certain cases a good solution for all parties.

Facilitating the use of our pension plan as part of a property loan aimed at improving our retirement would offer us more possibilities.

  • Improve and encourage bike to work. I practice it myself 1 or 2 times a week. Not easy since the move to Marnix.

Why am I candidate ? why now ? 

  • At 60, I have a certain freedom of speech and action that I did not have a few years ago.

  • In recent years, social inconsistencies have accelerated unreasonably: frenetic pace of business evolutions, abandonment of second chances, shortening of last chances, gauss curve imposed for evaluations, rotation of our management blinded by its KPI's, etc.

  • I still do my job with a lot of energy. However, I would be happy to contribute in a complementary way and help the company and its employees.

  • with almost 37 years of banking and experience in different lines and at different levels in the organization, I can – I think - participate in the analysis and contribute to the discussions.

Why did I join the CGSLB/ACLVB team ?

  • It is a team where the different categories of workers of the bank and from the different lines of the bank are represented in a spirit of solidarity.

  • Freedom of expression and tolerance are realities there. There is no link with a political party.

  • The approach is above all constructive and based on dialogue and the search for solutions; but it remains courageous and responsible: the refusal to sign the last 2 CCTs is the result of a desire to defend our interest, while others have miserably sold it away ( see joined : arrêtons de brader la concertation sociale).

  • - It is a team that takes its responsibilities in all social consultation bodies, including in the union delegation which is the place where the real negotiations take place.

  • - I have known Bart and his team for years. it was the one who accompanied me efficiently during my negotiations with the bank during my “downgrading”.

How to vote valid ? how to vote usefully ?           


  • for the conseil d’entreprise. As a cadre (employee), You can vote for 20 (8) candidates on the same list. Vote Useful, vote for/on list no. 1 CGSLB/ACLVB

  • For the CPPT, in the central zone, you can vote for 17 candidates on the same list. Vote Useful, vote for/on list no. 1 CGSLB/ACLVB

Please share your view 

  • I’m interested by listening to your feedback or suggestion.

  • Please chat me, call me (+32475553121), mail me (


Link to this document : why i'm candidate ? Vote usefully, vote CGSLB/ACLVB

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